Dream, chile, til yo bellyache sing


C’mon. Sun’ll be up before you know it. Time to git up, le’s go.

Careful when ya step to the flo’ not to catch a nail or splin’er. It’s show to slow yo chase a bit. But we ain’t got no time for nothing short of yo sprint. Yo folk, yeah those gon on too, lawd, ‘specially the worl’, chile.. Yo BES. Need ta give yo absolute bes.

We need what you gots ta give. It’s plen’y ‘nough hurt out here for us all. ‘S why WE waitin on YOU. So watch yo step.  But git on up, now. Go on. Git at it.

Fo you step to that door be sure ya git yaself some lunch ta take, ya hear? It’s a long road… And it’s not much there ta git, chile. Stead of me apologizin (an I could), jes know this world ain’t kine. You won’t git yo belly full always, nor always git ‘zactly what ya lookin fo. But listen here real good to what I’m gon tell ya. Ignore that rumblin in yo belly. And the painin in yo gut.

Press on.

Push thru.

Eye yo prize.

Boulder til ya hurt comes numb.

But don’t let nut’n come in the way ‘tween you an yo goal.

It may take yo whole entire bref ta git there. That’s okay, chile.

Jus do this one thing… while ya on the way, even if it’s everyday, dream, chile, til yo bellyache sing.

Author: fighterwarriormom

I'm a mother. Of three wonderful young adults. While raising them, I worked hard & sacrificed to model what was right... No drugs, LOVE others, take the high road, do your BEST! I taught them to do the same. Since they were in the womb, I exist to create a better life for them, in spite of our circumstances. Quietly, in the shadows... Today they inspire me, one especially, to FIGHT!

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