Hope, Go Flow Forever… BE

I saw my son today. He showed up. Was all I could even pray! Wasn’t sure that he would come. At times he just isn’t home. But today he opened that door right away…

I spread love throughout his space today. I showed up, cleaned up, put his things in place. Didn’t hide behind emotions. Spent no time entertaining ‘scuses. Just today took a step, kept pushing, made my way…

I heard whispers of his hope –out loud– today. She revealed LOVE really does at times seem to break. Tho’ sometimes things look a mess. It may take a moment. When it ALL comes to rest, it’ll end up, together ~ for good~ somehow, some way…

I embraced my son’s promise today. When it showed up, had to quickly move out the way. Things ain’t, cause I can’t see it. Push thru, son, move it into YOUR BEING. Don’t mind folks, even me, their doubt nor their limited faith…

Today the walls are coming down, all around. And what a sound. I took one step, started the motion. Pulled back the guard that locked his heart. Reached inside, felt its vibration. Shared the HOPE with all the nation. With that power, yeah, I am now unafraid…

Go now HOPE. You go, flow forever. BE… Let your unhinged power break our loved ones free. You’re the vise that breaks the chains. Never ever to shackle again. Go! Let it end for good, somehow, some way… My son waits for the power of your touch TODAY.

Author: fighterwarriormom

I'm a mother. Of three wonderful young adults. While raising them, I worked hard & sacrificed to model what was right... No drugs, LOVE others, take the high road, do your BEST! I taught them to do the same. Since they were in the womb, I exist to create a better life for them, in spite of our circumstances. Quietly, in the shadows... Today they inspire me, one especially, to FIGHT!

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