Laughter Will Double My Cries

Longing to hear the voice of my child

His happy care-free banter, always gurgled and smiled

How could I know your laughter could end

And hide like a naked Eve knowledgeable of her sin

I look at this person and wonder where is my son

How do I reach him, can he even feel me

In what possible way could this all be undone

My God, how can this be

Can’t stand to watch this, I need him released…



Imprisoned ~ Alone

I must find the key!

It’s a race to the finish and I gotta win this

The LOVE we have has GOT to spring him free

Every day is a struggle

What will the sun bring

Fierce anger, resentment

Harsh language fired in vengeance

No answer to my calls

Or pleasantries… no recall

What in hell is this before me

How do I fight, one-up the score, please

It’s my son, my precious child, after all


I’m Mommy, for GOD’s sake…

I can NOT leave, just let him waste away

He’s imprisoned ~ ALL alone

And I must find the key!

We’re in a race to the finish

And we gotta win this

Until he’s released, we’ve not yet broken free

Of all our past misery

Somewhere, somehow

It just has to be!

We must fiercely believe in the REALITY

My baby boy will come home soon

I’m racing to the finish

Out of breath, but surely we’ll win this

The LOVE inside won’t EVER be denied

I’ll keep on searching

Will keep hoping

And knowing

My child’s not lost forever

He’ll soon return

And laughter will double my cries

Yeah … for sure, laughter will double my cries

Author: fighterwarriormom

I'm a mother. Of three wonderful young adults. While raising them, I worked hard & sacrificed to model what was right... No drugs, LOVE others, take the high road, do your BEST! I taught them to do the same. Since they were in the womb, I exist to create a better life for them, in spite of our circumstances. Quietly, in the shadows... Today they inspire me, one especially, to FIGHT!

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