Today I heard your tears… You know, the ones you won’t let fall. You don’t understand why life has changed, why the sun no longer rises, why every day is a rainy day …and a joyous tomorrow has left your palm.

You look out from deep down up under and wonder why no one, not one single solitary soul, hears your tears. The ones you won’t let fall. The ones that echo deep within your soul. Deep.Down.Underneath it all…

Mine fall like rain, they do. The rain that comes and stays all day. With winds, and howling, and ominous grays… The rain that makes misery sound loud, like thunderstorms racing ‘cross the clouds. The rain that drowns out cries, makes dogs holler… And us ask why?

Today I heard your tears. They were much MUCH louder than mine. Together we sang a song from The Deep… from somewhere down DEEP up under …long before time. Together we sang for old and new… Our souls joined. And painted our sky, I thought colorful, beautiful, hopeful hues of blue.

Yet mine roll on and on and on and on. They’re rolling still… Though our song goes on, for however long, and my ears continue to hear, your tears, your tears, I fear… ~still~ your tears cling dear…

The day I heard your tears… And, yes, I hear them still… I, for one, was MOVED by them. Am BEHOOVED by them. Seek to be PROVED by them. Will stand TRUE to them. Will no longer CHOOSE to be SOOTHED by them…

No longer will I pass you by. MY SOUL’S NOW AWAKINGLY LIVE! Not ever to ever deny… your tears… your tears… Your Tears…

Though your tears do not fall… They do not fall! Why do they not fall? … They echo resoundingly within us all. And I choose to see them, to touch them, relieve them… find the means for tears to dry… Though they come from deep within, I know the soul… the soul must mend. And those tears…

Well… they’re not just YOURS, they’re mine.


Author: fighterwarriormom

I'm a mother. Of three wonderful young adults. While raising them, I worked hard & sacrificed to model what was right... No drugs, LOVE others, take the high road, do your BEST! I taught them to do the same. Since they were in the womb, I exist to create a better life for them, in spite of our circumstances. Quietly, in the shadows... Today they inspire me, one especially, to FIGHT!

2 thoughts on “#IGotYou”

  1. I love this message! Tears are beautiful because they give us release like lava from a volcano…As a mother, we catch each tear and dry their eyes….we mend souls. Keep fighting for the change, until his tears are no more!!

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